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28 Sep 2007
UAE, KSA, Egypt
Cyber Security

Supports clients with wide range of ICS / OT Cyber Security services throughout the different phases of Cyber Security programs and projects; pre-initiation, initiation, planning, monitoring and controlling, handover and closing, as well as during operations and maintenance.

TechZone focus on establishing effective controls for protecting the organization’s most critical assets and balancing the need to reduce risk, while enabling productivity, business growth, and cost optimization objectives.


TechZone's first step is always getting a clear understanding of client's environment, strategic and tactical business objectives and priorities, in order to ensure supporting our clients with high quality services balancing between the best practices and standards and aligning that with the client objectives and priorities considering the client’s organizational risk appetite, and ensuring that the services provided are aligned and in the same direction of the organization.


ICS / OT Cyber Security Risk Assessment
Development of ICS / OT Cyber Security Strategy
Development of ICS / OT Cyber Security Program
ICS / OT Cyber Security Program and Project Management
Development of Customized ICS / OT Cyber Security Baseline Standards
ICS / OT Cyber Security Incident Response Planning and Management
Compliance Services with Regulatory Requirements for Critical Infrastructure
Vulnerability Assessment

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