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Security Posture Assessment

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Key Points

28 Sep 2007
UAE, KSA, Egypt
Cyber Security

Majority of organizations today are very dependent on the Internet to maintain their day by day business. In any case, an organization is unaware of the cyber security issues that may result in an attack then client data, the organization’s private and secret information, intellectual property, and data resources are prime targets for Attackers. Any undesirable attacks on these properties will cause substantial financial losses and harm to the organization’s reputation.

To quantify the organization’s overall cyber security development, an independent expert appraisal of the present condition of its data security condition is conducted against global standards and leading industry practices. TechZone Cyber Security Posture Assessment consists of three phases mentioned below.

Risk Diagnostic.

Developing a snapshot of an organization’s cyber risk footprint, to rapidly distinguish and organize the most vulnerable components according to it's business criticality, based on management strategies, employee activities, and organization operating procedures.

Risk Management.

Managing the Cyber risk lifecycle, performing risk identification and assessment, control testing and remediation.

Risk Governance.

Managing the Cyber risk program, including strategies and technique assessments and improvement, and bundle selection and implementation.

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